Introductory Program - European Sales Management

EuroDev is committed to helping clients expand in the European marketplace, under their own name as if they have their own European sales management team.

We're in it for the long haul. We want to be part of your success in one, two, five years and beyond. At the same time, we appreciate that truly lasting relationships can only be built on a foundation of trust and transparency.

That's why we created the EuroDev introductory program. This exclusive service lets you get to know us better--and lets us get to know you: your needs, goals and potential for growth.

With the EuroDev introductory program, you'll have a chance to experience first-hand how we operate.

How It Works 

European Sales ManagementDuring our first four months together, we’ll:

  1. Set up your European Sales Management office and team.
  2. Perform extensive market analysis.
  3. Generate and qualify appropriate leads.
  4. Set up sales calls and road trips so that you can connect with those vendors and clients who might best benefit from your business offerings.

After this period, you should have a clearer picture of your market potential in Europe and know who the key industry players here are. Armed with this information, you’ll be able determine which next steps best suit your European expansion plans.

For more information about how the process works, expand the sections below.

1. European Sales Management Office & Team 

In order to properly train your European team about your product, manufacturing capabilities, organization and systems, you first need to establish a firm footing in Europe.

EuroDev can help you:

  • Establish a European Sales Management office in Almelo, the Netherlands, or in Sophia Antipolis, France.
  • Create European letterhead and business cards.
  • Establish a European phone line that will be answered with your company name, eight hours a day.
  • Install a computer system tailored to your needs here.
  • Help you implement your own proprietary CRM system.
2. Competitive Analysis 

We’ll help you evaluate existing competitors in the European market. Under a neutral name, probably one of our other existing accounts, we can help you uncover their:

  • Pricing policies.
  • Terms and conditions.
  • Methods to market.
  • Sales and marketing activities.
3. Lead Generation 

EuroDev will help you identify target groups and draw up lists of possible prospects. In addition to the networks and relationships we’ve built in the last 15 years, we’ll make our own in-house databases available to you.

4. Lead Qualification 

Under your company name, EuroDev will:

  • Contact target companies to introduce your products and explain your strategy.
  • Qualify companies according to predetermined criteria.
  • Send information about your products that explain their unique selling points and capabilities.
  • Perform necessary follow-ups.
5. Sales Calls & Road Trips 

It’s essential that your first impression is a successful one. To achieve this, an executive from your company must come to Europe to visit selected parties with us. Only the first-hand information your company gets from meetings here will enable you to properly assess the needs of prospects and markets, and balance that against the capabilities of your company.

EuroDev will of course arrange the itinerary, including accommodations and travel schedules. In return, you’ll need to be properly prepared: Both your company and ours should have a solid understanding of how the marketing mix for your opportunity is going to work before meetings begin.

After these meetings, we’ll evaluate takeaways and determine (assuming you feel your company can compete in the European market) a go-forward strategy.

What You'll Learn 

By the time the program ends, you’ll:

  • Better understand how and why a partnership with EuroDev can help you penetrate the diverse and complex European marketplace.
  • Know whether a partnership with EuroDev is the right course for your company, thanks to a limited engagement that requires no long-term commitment or liabilities on the part of your company.
  • Have a clearer picture of the European market, and a sound five-year European growth strategy.

Want to learn more? Contact a EuroDev Sales Management representative for a complimentary consultation.

Reduce risk with our “try before you buy” European sales management program

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