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One of the ways EuroDev helps American SMEs gain a solid foothold in Europe is by helping them quickly and cost-effectively set up a European office.

Looking for a flexible workplace that lets you and your staff come and go as you please? We can easily set one up for you. Looking for more permanent office space? We can accommodate that too. And if you're not quite ready to pick up and move, we'll even establish a virtual office that provides many of the benefits of European residency.

Central Location 

Located in the eastern Netherland’s Almelo municipality, the EuroDev Center is just 20 minutes from the German border and close to four major European airports. This central location makes it easy for you to get to major European vendors, OEMs and end-users, and includes access to onsite warehousing and logistics services.

A full-service Package 

Every office space at the EuroDev Center includes access to a fully English-based IT infrastructure, building-wide wireless Internet access, and complimentary use of meeting rooms and presentation equipment.

An American business community 

The EuroDev Center is unique in that it only houses U.S. businesses. Shared meeting spaces mean you get to know other American company reps who, like you, are making the move into Europe. It’s a great opportunity to share experiences and knowledge in a professional yet relaxed environment.

Virtual office option 

If you don’t yet have an immediate need for a physical presence in Europe, the EuroDev Center offers a virtual office option whose functions are conducted in flawless English. With it, you’ll enjoy access to a:

  • Remote receptionist.
  • European-based answering service and voicemail system.
  • European company mailing address.

Want to learn more? Contact a EuroDev Business Services professional for more information.

A fully equipped European office for less than you’d imagine

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