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2017 M&A Report: Recent Developments In North-America And Europe

2017 M&A Report: Recent developments in North-America and Europe

We prepared a summary of the North American and European M&A activity in the first half of 2017 for you. It will give you insights into key developments in M&A in both regions and the role of PE.

Some key findings for the first half of 2017 to get you started:

  • Overall M&A activity slowed down in North America and Europe.
  • Cross-border M&A between North America and Europe is on the rise.
  • The IT sector becomes more popular – it is especially targeted by PE firms.
  • PE activity grew and makes up a larger part in total M&A activity.

Click here to download the full report

In case you like to learn more about EuroDev M&A, please view our web page or contact Gerben Groothuis.

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