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M&A Report

M&A Report: 2020 Outlook

EuroDev M&A is pleased to share with you the 2020 M&A industry outlook report. It provides insights from top executives on the future of M&A, their appetite for Western European acquisitions and the role of Private Equity firms in 2020.…

How to Manage or Acquire Employees in Europe from the USA

  • December 11, 2019
  • HRO

The most common mistakes US employers make in Europe include the hiring/firing of staff, workforce restructuring (downsizing), business closures, sale or transfer of a business, and employee privacy (data protection). Employment is primarily structured through formal, written contracts (often mandatory in…

Recruiting in Europe: The Struggle is NOT Real

  • December 3, 2019
  • HRO

If you are a North American business wanting to establish or expand into the EU, there are waaay.... too many things to consider. So when business owners see the list of do’s, they usually freak out and look for alternative…

M&A Report: Brexit

M&A Report: Brexit and the manufacturing industry

EuroDev has prepared an M&A report about the effects of Brexit on the UK manufacturing industry. It looks closely at the most significant legal and tax changes the departure of the UK brings. Furthermore, it gives insights into the various…

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