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M&A Tech Report

M&A Report: M&A Activity in the Tech Sector

EuroDev M&A has prepared a report of the M&A activity in the Tech Sector. This insight into the industry provides information on the North American, European and Global M&A markets.…

M&A Advisory

M&A Report: What is the value of hiring Buy-Side M&A Advisory?

Working alongside a Buy-Side M&A gives you professional knowledge to accelerate your acquisition process. Furthermore, it provides comprehensive insight that only comes with a wealth of experience. EuroDev M&A gives…

M&A Expert guide: cross-border considerations

EuroDev M&A has the pleasure to share with you its contribution to the M&A Expert Guide 2019, regarding cross-border M&A considerations. In this issue of the guide, a number of…

Shopfitting Case Study

Case study: European shopfitting industry

The European shopfitting industry includes a wide range of products and services used in the fitting out of predominantly, but not exclusively, retail establishments. Other areas of the shop fitting…

M&A 2018 Review

M&A Activity report: 2018 review

EuroDev M&A has prepared a report of the M&A activity throughout the year 2018. It gives insights into the industry by providing information on the M&A development globally,  in North…

M&A Transaction News

EuroDev M&A Transaction News

Almelo, NL, February 28, 2019 EuroDev M&A is pleased to announce that our client, Tecsys Inc. ("Tecsys"), has acquired PCSYS A/S. ("PCSYS"). Tecsys is headquartered in Montreal, Canada, and is…

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