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Brexit Implications

Brexit Implications

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When the U.K. chose in favor of a Brexit, what remained was uncertainty. In fact, the uncertainty of the consequences was so great that it became impossible to reflect on them all. The markets seemed to calm down slightly when it became clear that the Prime Minister, Theresa May, was planning on a so-called ‘hard’ Brexit. This, so everybody thought, would at least give a sense of what the negotiations would bring.

To enter the negotiations with more strength, Theresa May called for new elections to secure the lead her party held at that time; however, instead of strengthening her position, last week’s elections have weakened it, and now it is time to start the negotiations.

So, what impact will the outcome of the elections have on the Brexit? This is still too early to tell, but the coming years will be of utmost significance to everybody who is doing business with and from the U.K. The uncertainty of how the Brexit will influence businesses (e.g. with respect to taxes, travel, and shipping regulations, etc.) and also the lives of employees (more specifically, the impact on the freedom that comes with having a European citizenship, i.e. the freedom to travel and work freely throughout the European Union), is something that we, at EuroDev, will be watching closely. Our goal is to help our clients with overcoming any barriers that the Brexit is throwing up, and to guide you along the way.

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