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How To Do Business In Europe Through The Eyes Of An American Entrepreneur

How to do business in Europe through the eyes of an American Entrepreneur

We have had the honor to speak with entrepreneur Martin Varsavsky, who shared his experience with the start ups of a number of successful business activities in Europe.

The European market is huge, bigger actually than the US market in terms of GDP. Europe is great for an American tech entrepreneur, because wealth is better distributed. Therefore, cultures are very different and that in itself is a barrier to building a pan-European venture. For example, many of the workspaces that are used in NYC are illegal in Germany, because these employees are far from windows and in very small desks—prohibitively crowded environments by German law. So, if you are an American entrepreneur going to Europe, you have to understand that Europeans are different and learn to live with their mentality.

If you would like to read more about the experiences of Martin Varsavsky, please take a look at his whitepaper. EuroDev is specialised in the barriers to develop your business in Europe. Do not hesitate to contact Edward Nijland to find out what EuroDev can do for your business.

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