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Video: ”They know the market”

Mr. Tedd Morgan, One of our U.S. based principals, explains in this brief video the key reasons why they like to work with EuroDev. Hear Tedd's story!

Video: ‘Excellent people’

Tedd Mischaikov is responsible for the European market and works for a U.S. based company active in the pet industry. In this video Tedd explains why he likes to work with EuroDev and expand their European presence.

Jim Datovech - They Re In It With Me

Video: “They are in it with me”

One of our U.S. based principals, is explaining their main reasons of why they chose to work with EuroDev. The company active in the healthcare market has the goal to expand business in Europe with 35% in five years. Hear what has been achieved!

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