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Proposed Changes In French Labor Law

Proposed Changes in French Labor Law

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On August 31st, the French Government announced their plans to reform French Employment Law. Currently, this is governed by a complex system called “Code de Travail” and by Collective Bargaining Agreements. The new plans are expected to make France more competitive and agile in the global market, and will, according to President Macron’s expectations, have a positive effect on the high unemployment rates (currently 9.5%) as well.

The proposed changes will have its effect on small to mid-sized companies that employ less than 50 employees. Employers will be getting more freedom to negotiate with their employees on an individual level, which will make it easier to adapt working times and payment.

Another change concerns the dismissal ruling. The new Law stimulates employees and employers to negotiate on individual settlement terms, with the length of employment being an important pillar.

For larger companies and multi nationals, the contacts with the Workplace Committees and Unions will be simplified and they will be allowed to use more flexible employment contracts.

These developments are interesting for US companies who plan to expand into Europe and seek native French talent. EuroDev would like to support you in finding and employing France’s most sourced talent. Our dedicated and high skilled HR professionals can support you in this process. Please reach out to Edward Nijland to learn more about the possibilities.

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