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“Create Your Own Opportunities, And Go For It!” – Alieke Van Zuthem

“Create your own opportunities, and go for it!” – Alieke van Zuthem

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Curious about EuroDev? This interview between one of our new employees (Marketing Coordinator Vera van Duuren), and a former colleague who was with EuroDev for 12 years (Alieke van Zuthem), gives some insight into the inner workings of EuroDev as an employer.

What makes EuroDev special?
“For me, EuroDev was the ultimate kickstart to my career. There were so many opportunities to take responsibility and develop – and that is EuroDev for me. That, and of course the office culture. The social environment of EuroDev is so unique, and I notice that even more now when I visit different companies – no one else has that.”

Alieke van Zuthem started as a student intern in 2005. Throughout the years, she developed her skills during countless projects and pioneered the current HR Outsourcing structure. “In true EuroDev spirit, the HR Outsourcing started because a client had a query, we then saw an opportunity and started to develop what is now known as the HR Outsourcing. At the time however, we had no idea how big it would really get, so it is amazing to see how much it has grown even since I left last year – and I am convinced there is even more room there to be of service to our clients and reach the full potential of HR Outsourcing.”

The next career-move
In 2017, Alieke decided it was time for a next step: she started a new job at the global logistics company Samskip, an organization that drives an annual turnover of over 600 million euros. “It wasn’t an easy decision to leave EuroDev, but it was the right step to take.” About five months into her new job, she was already able to secure a managerial position within the same company. She is now with her team of 8 people responsible for managing existing sustainable rail transports of approx. 40 cargo trains per week with destinations in Italy and Scandinavia and for the development and expansion of the multimodal rail network of Samskip in Europe. “It was definitely the right job for me. I feel good about taking that position and the role suits me: managing a team and carrying responsibility.”

The career advice Alieke would like to give to everyone, is as follows: “What got me to where I am now, is taking opportunities when you see them. Not that they are handed to you on a silver platter, but you have to spot them and put yourself forward so you can learn more and develop yourself. Create your own opportunities, and go for it!”

This year we will interview multiple (Old-)EuroDevers about their lives and their careers. If you have a great story to share, please to reach out to us!

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