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EuroDev: Business & Personal Development

EuroDev: Business & Personal Development

EuroDev is all about Business and Personal Development. We all love to help our international clients with their European expansion and use our European HR knowledge to enhance further growth. Our dedicated client teams have supported over 250 International companies with their in depth European HR and European Payroll Knowledge. Within our dedicated client teams, everyone has their personal expertise, but of course there is always space for growth. We like to stimulate everyone to pick up areas that they are particularly interested in, so that the whole organization, and especially our clients can make the most of their knowledge and skills.

Today Anchela Mak our financial controller, and Hana Bhuiyan, LLM could ring the bell to celebrate the fact that we partnered up with a new client!

Hana is going to support their Toronto based VP Global Sales with his relocation to Amsterdam. With Hana being a Canadian citizen, it is a process she went through herself a few years ago when she came to The Netherlands. Hence, she has the perfect combination of skills, knowledge and experience to help out in this situation. We will take care of international HR, work permits and relocation and applying for the Dutch 30% tax ruling. During this process, Anchela’s role as a financial consultant will help us at every step of the way to manage this project from a financial and payroll perspective.

All in all this is another great example where we combine our business development expertise with personal development.

Are considering European expansion as well? And do you need support with realizing your European Dream. Feel free to reach out to Edward Nijland, COO for more information.

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