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EuroDev’s SEMA Membership

EuroDev’s SEMA membership

EuroDev is now a SEMA Member!

Since 1996, EuroDev has built up a strong portfolio of successful business development projects for US automotive manufacturers in the EU. The US Automotive industry is a traditionally strong and ambitious one, and therefore a tight fit with the EuroDev model and DNA. Over the last two decades, EuroDev project teams have been helping numerous US and Canadian automotive manufacturers in establishing a strong footprint in the complicated EU Market Space.

To further build on this portfolio, but also to share knowledge and experience, EuroDev has decided to actively participate in the SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) community as a full SEMA member. The SEMA  network currently consists of 6.383 companies worldwide, interconnecting aftermarket manufacturers, original equipment manufacturers, media, card deals, speciality equipment manufacturers, installers, retailers and restoration specialists.

EuroDev is intending to play an active role within the community and connect with manufacturers to help them structure their EU ambitions. The EuroDev model supports a dedicated approach in the European Market Space: a cost-effective way of growing an international revenue stream based on market knowledge and an active network that has been nurtured for over two decades.

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