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European Cross-Border M&A

European Cross-Border M&A

International Mergers and Acquisitions (M&As) are an increasingly popular means for firms, that seek to expand their businesses to other markets or products, combine resources, achieve synergies or to foster the needs of managers. Therefore, there are some strategic, financial and organizational challenges for cross-border M&A.

A list of key success drivers for cross-border M&As is presented in the whitepaper “European Cross-Border M&A”. This whitepaper discusses subjects like motives for engaging in cross-border M&A activity, identify challenges for cross-border M&As, the merger process and successful and failed M&A cases.

EuroDev is specialized in cross-border M&A. So, if you are considering M&A in Europe, please contact Gerben Groothuis to get more information about what EuroDev can mean to your business.

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