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Export Development When Going International

Export development when going international

Internationalization is the process through which a firm moves from operating in domestic marketplaces to international markets. The success of an international business depends on how well the company identifies and leverages the core competencies of the venture. Firms of all sizes are now competing globally in order to obtain new competitive advantages, meaning that SMEs face a large number of problems when turning international. Developing and maintaining networks of relationships can provide mutual benefits.

If you have found the right European distributor, the export of your products is essential and brings it to these distributors.

To find out more about the export development stages, see our whitepaper “Export Development stages of American manufacturers exporting to Europe”. This paper describes the development of SMEs international activities. If you want to develop your business on the European market, EuroDev is a qualified partner who can assist you in achieving more success via our business development program.

Please feel free to contact Tim Vaesen if you have any questions about how to become more successful in exporting to Europe.

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