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Hiring In France – What You Need To Know

Hiring in France – what you need to know

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Let’s consider the following scenario: you see that your overseas business is growing, and your products or services are received very well in France. Or, maybe your French business requires to have local presence and you need to have a French Sales Engineer or perhaps even an entire team to serve the market. Hiring in France isn’t easy and being an employer of record can be quite complex because of local laws. Here’s a short overview of things that would require your attention.

As you may have heard the French Government has decided to invest 1.5 billion Euros in the development of Artificial Intelligence. As a tech company, this might be the right moment for you to take the next step and develop your business overseas. France could be the first country on the European Continent to kick off your European strategy!

French Recruitment
Once you have taken the decision to hire a French employee you need to find the best talent available. That process is a bit more complex than it is in the US. Firstly, it is mandatory to inform the Governmental Employment Agency (Pole d’Emploi) about your vacancy and you are required to post your job on the job site. This posting needs to be in French, as English postings are not allowed. So don’t be surprised when incoming applications are also in French. It is our experience that France has a strong, informal networking job market, which means that having a local network in place is crucial. We also know that interviewing in France has its own unique cultural aspects that need to be taken into consideration.

French Employment
Employment relationships in France are governed by French Law. There is no such thing as “employment at will” in France which means that you will have to offer an employment contract to your new employee. This contract is called either called a “Contrat de travail a Durée Determinee” (CDD, which is a limited time contract) or a “Contrat de travail a Durée Indeterminee (CDI, which is for an unlimited period).

All contracts need to be in compliance with the “Code du Travail” (French Labour Code) and need to respect ruling stated in specific “Conventions Collectives de Travail” (collective bargaining agreements, CBA). These CBAs are related to the industry the employee is working in and give additional rights to the employee when it comes to days off, study facilities, overtime payment, working hours and dismissals. The French government checks if all ruling is followed properly and will give penalties to companies that do not comply with all these regulations.

French Payroll
Before the employee can start working he needs to be registered with the French Social Security organization URSSAF. An employee is also entitled to additional healthcare insurance and will have to be subscribed to a pension scheme. Additional benefits like commuting costs, phone costs, meal vouchers and lease cars need to be processed by payroll on a monthly basis. Days off also need to be registered properly to avoid penalties for incorrect payroll.

As you can see, hiring in France means playing by the rules, and a lot of them. It can seem like a daunting step to hire people in France, but EuroDev has both an existing network and the experience and expertise you need to get through this process without all the stress. We have had our own French office since 2000, so are also familiar with the culture, the language and the general French business landscape.

What we can do for you when hiring in France
A French PEO or French EOR (Employer of Record) solution can offer you the benefit of working with a dedicated local professional, without the hassle of taking care of complex French Labour ruling. Are you looking to hire French sales professionals for your business development? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Monique Ramondt, Vice President of HRO, so we can explain the process in more detail and discuss the possibilities for your business. 

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