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How To Manage Or Acquire Employees In Europe From USA

How to manage or acquire employees in Europe from USA

The most common mistakes US employers make in Europe are in the hiring/firing of staff, workforce restructuring (downsizing), business closures, sale or transfer of a business, and employee privacy (data protection). Employment is primarily structured through formal, written contracts (often mandatory in Europe) that set forth provisions regarding pay and working conditions.

This whitepaper shortly lists the employment considerations when US companies manage or acquire employees in Europe. Furthermore, it contains subjects like hiring and firing staff, workforce restructuring, business closure and mass layoff, business sale, transfer and outsourcing and privacy and data protection.

If you are planning to develop your business in Europe, EuroDev is specialized in Human Resources Solutions and can help you to avoid mistakes that are often made. Please contact Mrs. Alieke van Zuthem to get more information.

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