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Looking Back At Medica 2019

Looking back at Medica 2019

It’s one of the biggest medical events in the world: the Medica tradeshow in Düsseldorf. This year, EuroDev once again attended the show both to support our current partners with their European operations, and to approach other North American organizations that are looking for support. Going to Medica is a bit like visiting a foreign city, but one with 5,500 companies from over 70 countries. An incredibly inspiring environment for business development professionals. So, let’s have a look at the Medica 2019 summed up.

US Commercial Service collaborationMedica 2019

To be able to better connect with North American companies at the show, EuroDev entered a collaboration with the US Commercial Service. It is a true business hub for people doing business in, or interested in, companies from the States. They support US companies with export activities in international markets.

As part of this collaboration, EuroDev had one of the specially dedicated CEO Rooms to conduct meetings with prospects, partners and clients. The room provides a nice haven away from the chaos of the booths to talk about the opportunities. Throughout the show, VP of Healthcare Emre Aykac spoke to numerous CEOs and Business Development Managers of American and Canadian business to further explain the dos and don’ts of expanding your business to the continent.

Business development seminar

Emre Aykac gave three seminars at the show, covering European business development for medical manufacturers, under the new MDR. The first was for all US Commercial Services present at the show, covering 20 countries. During the seminar, Emre provided insight into  the ever-changing European market.  As there is a natural synergy between the services of the US Commercial Service and the opportunities that EuroDev provides for companies, this was a useful way of exploring the common ground.

The second and third seminars were given in collaboration with Obelis. What EuroDev and Obelis share is the goal of being a true partner to companies that are looking to expand. The Obelis Group provides consultancy services for EU compliance, to create safer markets while helping companies grow. To further educate their audience, they organized a series of seminars during Medica with several inspiring speakers. The seminar Emre presented focused on the new MDR and the consequences this has for American manufacturers in Europe.

Supporting our partners

With several partners present at the show, EuroDev’s entire Medical business development unit was available at the Medica 2019. They took care of lead generation before the show, set up qualified meetings and maintained current customer relationships with the EU network of our partners. Spread out across different halls and representing different industry segments, EuroDev’s multilingual sales professionals joined the US principals at their booths, representing the businesses as European extensions of their HQs.

Medica 2019

EuroDev apples


Because everyone knows an apple a day keeps the doctor away, EuroDev handed out Dutch Elstar apples to North American exhibitors. A show like Medica can be tiring, so vitamins are essential! It was a great opportunity to have a chat with the exhibitors and get to know more about their businesses. With so many companies exhibiting, it shows the huge amount of diversity in the industry. From operating tables to nurses’ uniforms and from syringes to the latest technological innovations: Medica had it all.

EuroDev: a local presence

The feedback EuroDev gets from most partners is that the main benefit is having an actual local presence, without the hassle and investment of setting up own offices. The sales professionals at EuroDev speak the right languages, operate in the same time zone as the EU customers and know the local rules and regulations. Even when companies are already established in Europe, there are ways in which working with EuroDev can help them get to the next level. Providing not only Sales, but also HR, Digital Marketing and M&A Services, there is a service for every stage of growth. If you are curious about the possibilities, feel free to reach out to Emre Aykac.

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