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M&A Report: Brexit And The Manufacturing Industry

M&A Report: Brexit and the manufacturing industry

EuroDev has prepared an M&A report about the effects of Brexit on the UK manufacturing industry. It looks closely at the most significant legal and tax changes the departure of the UK brings. Furthermore, it gives insights into the various consequences the industry is facing.

Key Findings:

  • There is still a lot of uncertainty regarding Brexit, despite a preliminary deal being agreed upon by the UK and the EU.
  • A ‘leave’ vote may cost the UK up to $240 billion in lost M&A activity in the following five years.
  • Significant complications in legal processes expected in the short term.
  • UK’s manufacturing industry will be hit the hardest, with companies in the middle market suffering the most.
  • Disruption of supply chains and placement of new products on the European market pose threat to the UK manufacturers.
  • PEs are already shifting their focus to mainland Europe.

To read the full M&A activity report, click the image below or follow this link to access the full Whitepaper “Brexit and the British Manufacturing Industry”.

M&A Report

More information

For more information or advise about M&A in Europe, please feel free to contact Gerben Groothuis, Managing Director M&A. EuroDev can assist you in your European expansion. The services EuroDev provides are focused on Sales, HR, Digital Marketing and Mergers and Acquisition services.

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