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M&A Report: M&A Activity In The Tech Sector

M&A Report: M&A Activity in the Tech Sector

EuroDev M&A has prepared a report of the M&A activity in the Tech Sector. This insight into the industry provides information on the North American, European and Global M&A markets. It is our pleasure to share this resource with you.

Key findings

Some key findings of this report are:

  • With so much focus on IT, data, automation, and digital capabilities, many industries are looking to adapt technology into their business model;
  • These companies are looking to M&A as a way of getting the technology they need to reach shoppers, develop products and offer platforms to customers;
  • With regards to US PE activity, the Tech Sector accounted for 27% of cumulative deal value in Q2 2019. For the European PE activity, deal value accounted for 15.5% for the quarter;
  • The upward trend in Technology and Telecoms M&A is likely to continue, with non-tech companies acquiring tech companies, and vice-versa.

To read the full M&A activity report, click the image below or follow this link to access the full Whitepaper “M&A Activity in the Tech Sector.

M&A Report: M&A Activity in the Tech Sector

More information?

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