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The Market Entry Strategies To Europe For American Manufacturers

The market entry strategies to Europe for American manufacturers

In order to support the growth of their organization, manufacturers are constantly searching for new opportunities to expand their business.  Europe is the second largest market in the world, which opens a huge amount of opportunities; it allows to generate more sales and to make your brand recognizable internationally.  However, this process is hard to manage from overseas due to the time differences, language and culture barriers.  EuroDev has been helping more than 150 American manufacturers to successfully expand their business into Europe.

We recommend you to read the whitepaper, which was created together with the University of Twente. It discusses American manufacturers’ market entry strategies for doing business in Europe. Furthermore it contains subjects such as international market entry modes, how entry modes relate to the internationalization process of SMEs, elements of SMEs choice of market entry strategy, factors influencing entry mode and market selection, classification of entry modes, and initial versus current operational strategies.

Whitepaper “The market entry strategies to Europe for American manufacturers” will clarify possible strategies to enter the European market with which EuroDev can support you.

If you want to expand and successfully operate your business in Europe, feel free to contact Edward Nijland for more information.

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