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Market Entry Strategies To Europe For American Manufacturers

Market entry strategies to Europe for American manufacturers

An international market entry mode makes possible the entry of a company’s products, technologies, human skills, management, or other resources into a foreign country. The internationalization process indicates the formal organizational arrangements of business practices that; (1) cross borders; (2) transfer aspects of the business into the host country; and (3) indicate the form of return in terms of revenue and investment.

Several models are identified that describe factors that influence the entry mode choice and selection of the markets. Internal factors such as products resources and commitment are important to determine foreign entry mode. External factors, such as home country and foreign market characteristics, environmental and production factors also affect the entry mode chosen for targeted countries.

To learn more about the factors that influence the choice to an international market and entry, please read the whitepaper „The Market Entry Strategies to Europe for American Manufacturers“ or contact Edward Nijland for more information.

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