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Report: EU Renewables – Oil And Gas Industry

Report: EU renewables – Oil and gas industry

Have you considered getting into the European renewable energy market? Greenhouse emissions and environmental pollution are globally recognized as issues that influence the way business is conducted worldwide. Especially in the oil and gas industry, this creates a rapidly changing business landscape. Nowadays, the slowing demand for oil combined with the forecasts of rapid growth in renewables poses both a threat and an opportunity for the oil and gas industry. The current conditions encourage companies to take a risk and diversify by going into the European renewable energy market.

If you are active in this industry, it is key to stay up-to-date on the latest developments, which is why we’ve created this report. So you can now learn about opportunities within the fast-growing industry of Renewable Energy using this document. We made sure to outline the market’s current and forecast outlook, category and geographic segmentation, benefits of investing in the European renewable energy market and competitive landscape. Did you know for example that by 2021, the European renewable energy market is forecast to have a value of $378.3bn, an increase of 61.8% compared to 2016? Click the link below for more facts and figures of the European Renewable Energy Market.


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