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Updated VAT Fact Guide For US Companies

Updated VAT Fact Guide for US companies

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Value Added Tax (VAT) is a tax on the purchase price of a final product, material or service. It is a system that is being used in over 150 countries, but not in the USA. Therefore, when entering the European market, US companies are facing the challenge of implementing the varieties of VAT regulations.

When does VAT have to be paid? What certain business services have to be reclaimed? When is VAT registration required? How do you avoid paying taxes in the Netherlands? Why is the VAT system of the Netherlands considered to be the most beneficial in Europe? Our whitepaper gives you the answer to these questions and shows you, as a United States organization, different options for how to handle VAT.

Over the last 16 years, EuroDev has gained rich experience and knowledge in tax activities including Value Added Tax systems. Hence, we are pleased to offer our competent service to help with VAT processes.

If you want to develop your company in the European market, EuroDev is a qualified partner who can assist you in achieving success. Contact Edward Nijland today to learn more!

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