Our sales outsourcing approach

EuroDev has been supporting North American SMEs with driving growth across the European Automotive industry, including tiers, after market, garage equipment and accessories since 1996. Over the last years we have developed an extensive network of key decision makers in the OEM and supporting channels, which enables us to provide efficient solutions to increase your sales in Europe.

During EuroDev’s flexible, low risk, 4-month sales outsourcing program, clients rely on our expertise to:

     √   Develop a comprehensive understanding of the EU market
     √   Determine a viable market entry- or expansion strategy
     √   Generate and qualify leads that turn into sales

Working with us means having a fully trained, committed team of sales professionals operating as your EU extension, while overcoming language and time zone barriers. Click below to explore your European growth opportunities by making the most of our knowledge, experience, and Automotive rolodex

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Jose Prieto - VP Industrial

Jose Prieto
VP Industrial

+31 546 66 00 00
+31 546 66 00 00