Employer of Record Services Europe

Are you looking for a fully customized European EOR solution with a personal touch?  With a dedicated multilingual team well-versed in HR, labor, and tax matters, we streamline your HR, administrative, and recruitment needs across the continent. Experience the benefits of this tailored solution for your international growth.

Your Gateway to Highly Skilled Talent!

We offer you a 360-degree solution for employee management in all European countries - Allowing you to bring the best global talent without the burden of compliance, payroll, and benefits headaches. 


We're More Than Just Partners; We're an Extension of Your Team!

Our Commitment to you goes beyond the typical employer of record. We ensure that your team integrates into your organization, and creates an environment where they feel like a part of your company.

Our Partners

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  • Insurance Management Firm

    In this specific case, the client faced multiple challenges in increasing their European market share. In their European expansion plan, the client desired to employ over 10 employees in 7 European countries.
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  • Earth Rated's European Expansion

    Great experience overall collaborating with EuroDev. They truly value their partnerships and take the time to service their clients to the highest of standards. I always found the team to have a quick response time as well. 
    Dawn-Marie .S.
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