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One of the biggest challenges to expansion is managing a growing workforce, especially in a competitive labor market. EuroDev simplifies this task by offering a full suite of HR services that help them comply with European employment legislation and reduce the liabilities that overseas hiring can entail.

Employer of Record Services

When you engage EuroDev as a professional employer organization (PEO), we become the employer of record for your European operations. This means you do not need to establish a legal presence in the European countries you operate in, nor do you need to source separate HR, legal or tax support services. Instead, EuroDev can handle all aspects of your European staffing needs, including hiring, payroll, benefits, insurance, taxation and legal compliance. And, as with all EuroDev engagements, you are assured of receiving the support, professionalism and dedicated service we built our brand on.

Why choose EuroDev?

Why EuroDev? Clients tell us that they appreciate these things:

  • Having a single point of contact. You will work with a dedicated team consisting of an HR and a Finance professionalcontract
  • Your team aligns your processes and goals in Europe and is available via a direct phone line. This means local hires can also count direct access to highly skilled professionals
  • We do not subcontract to local administrators or PEOs
  • Our PEO services can be used on a Pan-European basis
  • Implement and administer a variety of benefits—including pension plans, health care, life insurance, corporate credit cards and car leases—for European employees
  • Our help in establishing suitable office spaces and IT solutions for their European workforces
  • Making the effort to truly understand their organizations’ values and align our internal processes to theirs

Our services do not stop here: EuroDev has an extensive range of business solutions, applicable to help your organization grow at any stage. In addition to the administrative side, we can for example take care of legal issues, tax queries and payrolling. Other EuroDev services include M&A Advisory and business development via Sales Outsourcing.

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HR consulting

EuroDev also offers à la carte HR services for clients with special requirements, including those who:

  • Are expanding into Europechatting
  • Are restructuring European divisions
  • Need practical support to help them operate in local European markets

No matter what your needs, from large-scale HR projects and change-management to more routine tasks such as managing staff redundancies, payrolls or benefits programs, our dedicated HR consultants can customize a program that is right for you.

Want to learn more? Find out how easy is it to get an HR proposal tailored to your particular needs.

European headhunting and recruiting

Finding the right people is always a challenge, but it can be even more difficult when you are expanding into a new market.

curriculumThat is yet another way EuroDev can help. With years of business development experience and an extensive professional network, we are able to locate candidates for a wide variety of positions. Whether you are looking for staff in management, business development, sales, marketing or engineering, EuroDev can help you find individuals who will make a real difference to your European operations.

Our sales professionals have been active in the European business development landscape for over 2 decades and have far-reaching networks. Sales has been the basis of our organization ever since it was founded and is part of our DNA. That’s why we are able to recruit the best professionals for our clients.

Our recruitment teams work closely together with business development and sales experts within our organization to make the most of their knowledge and network to approach key players and top sales people within the industry.

We will not stop once you have found your strategic European Hire. Our clients enjoy our support with hiring, contracting and onboarding as well.

Among the industries we recruit for are:

  • Manufacturing and processing
    (automotive, electronics, oil and gas, aerospace, marine, HVAC, communications and agriculture)
  • Consumer goods
  • Retail
  • Medical services
  • Business services

Our approach

Our European recruitment process typically involves three phases.

Briefing and Sourcing

To begin, EuroDev will:

  • Organize an extensive briefing meeting for you and our recruitment team so that we can get a complete understanding of your needs
  • Work closely with you to develop precise job descriptions and desired candidate profiles
  • Develop and execute a thorough recruitment campaign
  • Source candidates based on your criteria
  • Present candidates’ resumés for you to review
  • Conduct interviews with the initial round of selected applicants


Once you’ve made your choices from the resumés we present, we’ll:

  • Conduct interviews with selected applicants
  • Review the findings of these interviews with you
  • Create a shortlist with your input
  • Conduct a second round of interviews, this time with you present here in Europe
  • Review the findings of this second round with you to help narrow down choices


Once you‘re close to making a decision, EuroDev can:

  • Perform comprehensive reference checks
  • Arrange final interviews with candidates at your US headquarters or an EU office
  • Help you negotiate terms of employment

Leadership team

EuroDev has established some valuable partnerships over the years. Our partners have been carefully selected and we can proudly state that besides a lot of synergies, we also experience great personal relationships. Through our established partnerships, we are able to offer clients access to more local knowledge, expert resources and solutions that will contribute to their success.

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