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Want a unique chance to acquire top personnel in Europe while adhering to European labor rules thanks to our people-driven approach? At EuroDev, we are not just about services; we are about people.

We want to establish meaningful relationships being your Employer of Record, PEO, Recruitment, or Consultant partner. 

Monique Ramondt-Sanders, CCO of EuroDev, shares this passion with you: 'We are dedicated to making your European success our own.'

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Europe is home to diverse countries, each with its unique employment differentials. These reflect the diverse economic and cultural landscapes across the continent.

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One of the biggest challenges to expansion is managing a growing workforce, especially in a competitive labor market. EuroDev simplifies this task by offering an all-iclusive set of HR services that help them comply with European employment legislation and reduce the liabilities that overseas hiring can entail.

EuroDev has an extensive range of business solutions, applicable to help your organization grow at any stage. In addition to the administrative side, we also handle legal issues, tax queries and effeciently oversee payrolling management.

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