Arab Health 2023: Changing the dynamic of healthcare

Last updated: 8 August 2023

The medical world has undergone rapid transformation in recent years. Medical engineers, doctors, and various medical professionals alike are looking for new methods to treat, sustain and improve health. 

Arab health 2023 has showcased its ideas for the future of medical care in society. From robotic surgeries which can be performed remotely, to gene therapy advancements, to bringing improvements to the use of artificial intelligence operation theatres.

"Arab health 2023, was populated with medical manufacturers from across different sectors including; digital health, mobility designs, orthopedic manufacturing, prosthetic technologies, emergencies, and software solutions," says David Samuels - Business Development manager. It is evident that medical companies have used the past three years to refocus their efforts on accommodating the new world of healthcare. Arab health 2023 housed more than 3000 new brands that were segmented from different sectors, including retail, manufacturing, surgical, regulatory, pharmaceutical, and many others.

While there are several trends that are changing the healthcare sector globally, it is important to focus on the improvements after the pandemic. At the show, robotic-assisted surgery has greatly improved and is expected to become the new norm for routine surgical procedures in ophthalmic, cardiac, orthopedic, spinal disciplines, and many others.

Patient care technologies and body mapping technologies have become an important focus for healthcare companies, hence important for manufacturers to be aware of this trend. These technologies are making it easier for doctors to use digital maps to allocate care for patients. Moreover, the usage of AI in the cardiology sector has improved - with the detection of heart complications. 

Another trend in Arab health in 2023 was the need for emergency medicines and technologies to be integrated into the new world. Technologies focused on improving response times for patients and first aid services. For North American manufacturers entering the European market, it is important to identify these changes so as to be competitive in the market.

Even though the show has previously had EMEA as the focus, Arab health has grown to include European and American brands that have seen explosive growth occurring in the Middle Eastern markets. This is a new and exciting area for North American companies to get in on the action as these markets showcase that they are ready to move their healthcare sectors to the next level

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