EuroDev 25 Year Anniversary

Last updated: 26 September 2023

25 years ago, on September 19th, 1995, an idea was formed to offer one commercial service in one market segment to North American companies that wanted to expand into Europe. Little did we know, this idea would turn out to be the first building brick of a 25-year journey.


Today, we look back at an organization which has emerged into a full international business outsourcing service that is active in multiple market segments. With a team that speaks 25 languages and represents 21 nationalities, we successfully helped over 500 companies expand their business footprint in Europe.

The success of EuroDev is simple: an endless stream of over 750 talented EuroDev-ers that, generation after generation, tied their own ambitions and dreams to the success of the company and lifted the organization to the next level.

We would like to acknowledge all the Project Managers, a.k.a: “the Jogs”, for jumping on trains, planes and automobiles, keeping up with crazy time and travel schedules, to bring in business for our clients. In addition, we would like to recognize all the Inside Sales colleagues because we know it is they who really keep the projects going and, more importantly, keep “the Jogs” out of trouble.

We would also like to acknowledge the Finance, HR and Marketing consultants for keeping what we built for ourselves and our clients in compliance. It is their subject matter expertise that helps to differentiate us in the market.

These acknowledgements extend to all the interns that have traveled oceans to be with us, energized the organization and embodied our dream of International Business and Personal Development.

We would like to thank all the clients, past and present, who have partnered with and trusted us to develop their European sales and ground teams. They not only made us part of their European success but also shared their knowledge, experience and support to connect us to new clients, even exaggerating the positive references, for all of which we are grateful.

It was an amazing ride for all of us, and we have an enormous responsibility ahead to build on and keep the International Business & Personal Development dream alive for colleagues, clients and everyone who has been or will be part of the EuroDev journey.


Edward, Frans & Mark

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