Social Security Tax Rates for Employers in Europe 2022

Last updated: 1 June 2023

The social security tax rate for employers is an important element of the total employment costs. In Europe, the rates differ per country. What are the social security tax rates for employers in Europe? In this blog, we will give a clear overview of the social security tax rates in 2022 for employers in Europe. What is the most expensive European country to hire employees as a North American SME?

As you may know, employment costs include more than just wages. The employer social security tax rate is an important element in the total employment costs.

In the table below you can find the employer security tax rate per European country in 2022. To have a more detailed overview per region please click here

Country SST Rate 2022 Population (2022)
France 40,00% 65,273,511
Slovakia 35,20% 5,459,642
Belarus 34,00% 9,449,323
Czech Republic (Czechia) 33,80% 10,708,981
Estonia 33,80% 1,326,535
Sweden 31,42% 10,099,265
Italy 30,00% 60,461,826
Russia 30,00% 145,934,462
Spain 29,90% 46,754,778
Monaco 27,27% 39,242
Belgium 25,00% 11,589,623
Moldova 24,00% 4,033,963
Portugal 23,75% 10,196,709
Latvia 23,59% 1,886,198
Netherlands 23,59% 17,134,872
Greece 22,54% 10,423,054
Poland 22,14% 37,846,611
Ukraine 22,00% 43,733,762
Austria 21,38% 9,006,398
Finland 20,66% 5,540,720
Germany 19,98% 83,426,789
Bulgaria 19,02% 6,948,445
Hungary 17,00% 9,660,351
Serbia 16,65% 8,737,371
Croatia 16,50% 4,105,267
Slovenia 16,10% 2,078,938
Luxembourg 15,17% 625,978
Albania 15,00% 2,877,797
Norway 14,10% 5,421,241
United Kingdom 13,80% 67,886,011
Ireland 11,05% 4,937,786
Bosnia and Herzegovina 10,50% 3,280,819
Malta 10,00% 441,543
Montenegro 8,30% 628,066
Canada 7,66% 37,742,154
United States 7,65% 331,002,651
Denmark 7,65% 5,792,202
Switzerland 6,40% 8,654,622
Iceland 6,10% 341,243
Romania 2,25% 19,237,691
Lithuania 1,77% 2,722,289

*Tax rates are checked regularly in 2021 however, please confirm tax rates with the country's tax authority before using them to make business decisions.

On average, the social security tax rate for employers in Europe in 2021 is 20%. This is a lot higher than North American employers are used to. Thinking about hiring in Europe or do you want to learn more about the costs and wages? We would like to invite you to read our blogs and articles on the total Cost of hiring European employees or the average annual wages in Europe for additional insights.

In case you would like to know more about employment opportunities in Europe, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would love to schedule an introductory call on the opportunities for your business in Europe. 

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