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Overview of Industry in Europe

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, demand for professional & household hygiene and cleaning products has risen immensely in Europe. Now more than ever, people want clean hands, a tidy house, and a hygienic work environment. For suppliers of professional and household cleaning products, it means there are many opportunities in the current landscape.

Meeting technical and legal regulations are the number 1 barrier to cross when you start exporting to Europe. Followed by languages and time zones. The UK used to be the preferred place to start.

Nowadays, Germany, France, Spain, and Italy are strong options as well. This is where a dedicated partner like EuroDev can make a big difference.

Europe is America's largest export market. The continent has 746 million inhabitants and an estimated 22% share of the world's nominal GDP (North America 27%). Also, the good trade relations between the USA & Canada and the EU, and the efficient infrastructure are great stimulators for exporting your cleaning products across the Atlantic.



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