Machinery & Capital Equipment in Europe

Over the last years, European machinery players have been highly successful – in terms of both growth (+7.2 percent p.a.) and profitability (approximately 10 percent EBIT margin on average). The industry expects that growth in traditional markets will slow down while revenue and profit pools will shift. Therefore, machinery companies have to seek opportunities to enter new markets.


Overview of Industry in Europe

Export-oriented and competitive the world over, Europe’s mechanical engineering sector employs 2.9 million people. The backbone of the European industrial sector, mechanical engineering is a basis for employment, growth, and wealth. But these achievements cannot be taken for granted: they have been the product of relentless effort, time after time – with groundbreaking innovations and competitive products. 

The European machinery industry has experienced impressive growth and profitability over the last several years. European machinery companies are extremely successful internationally holding a share of 26 percent of worldwide machinery production, followed by the US (around 14 percent) and only surpassed by China (around 38 percent).

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Our Partners

Stories from our Partners

  • Portacool

    Portacool started with our 4-step introductory program. After one year of cooperation, the European Team was able to engage key Master Distributors in the UK, the Netherlands, and Germany. As a next step for the second year, the Portacool Europe Team moved the business development focus into the Nordics (Sweden, Norway, and Finland) and East Europe countries, combining these activities with account management growth and after-sales support in the countries with an existing business.
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  • SJE Rhombus

    EuroDev allocated a business development team, that represents SJE Rhombus in the European market as SJE Rhombus Europe. This is provided as a service and allows the company to have boots on the ground in Europe. The team is mandated to perform business development activities across the European theatre, working closely with SJE Rhombus Sales and Technical leadership teams. Since then, they have been growing the business together.
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  • Clean Cool Technologies

    Before cooperation with EuroDev, Cool Clean Technologies did not have the resources required to effectively engage with DMUs of large automotive manufacturers in Europe. Having ‘boots on the ground’ is one of the crucial elements in establishing contact and providing effective account management. Therefore, at the start of 2017, Cool Clean Technologies decided to partner up with EuroDev to establish a durable business footprint in the complex EU market space. 
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  • Amity

    Amity is a Software as a Service (SaaS) digital solution provider that empowers online engagement for mobile applications and online platforms. EuroDev’s objective was to create a custom-made market entry strategy, analyse barriers of entry, find solutions to overcome them, and identify the best European opportunities for Amity in the different industries and geographical areas.
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