Paws Boots: A Paws-itive Journey into the European Pet Market

This case study spotlights a US manufacturer of dog boots seeking to broaden its market reach by venturing into European territories. The company specializes in dog paw protection solutions, encompassing a range of products such as Pawz Boots tailored for diverse weather conditions, Max Wax for added paw safeguarding and moisture, and Sanipaw offerings for paw cleanliness. 

European Market Entry: Challenges & Solutions

After a successful market penetration within USA and Canada, the footwear supplier looked for ways it could replicate its success in the European market.

Upon entering the market, the client identified some challenges; 

  • Lack of market knowledge and inability to provide real-time support due to time zone differences. 
  • Cultural and language barriers
  • Lack of experience in account management support for existing distributors

After careful consideration, the team sought out an efficient and affordable way to grow their business in Europe.


Phase 1: Market research

EuroDev conducted in-depth research to understand the European pet care industry. The study was narrowed to the dog boot market and customer preferences within countries of interest. Colors, tastes, dog breeds, and many others were taken into consideration during the market study.


Phase 2: Market strategies

The team tailored the strategy for the manufacturer per the findings from the market research. This included identifying the key European markets with potential, analyzing local regulations and requirements, and devising a comprehensive plan for market penetration and expansion.


Phase 3: Building partnerships & and finding distributors

By selecting partners with established market presence and expertise in the pet care industry, the team ensured effective product distribution and improved market visibility in countries like the Netherlands and Denmark


Phase 4: Developing business in Europe

EuroDev is continuously providing the supplier with market intelligence, regulatory compliance, advice on logistics management, and customer relationship management.

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Empowering a Pet Boot Supplier in Europe

The collaboration between the pet boot supplier and EuroDev has been crucial in the manufacturer’s success in the European market. Through extensive market research, strategic planning, and ongoing support, the supplier has not only established a strong presence in the European market but has also expanded into the different European territories. Leveraging EuroDev’s expertise and network, the supplier continues to thrive offering their innovative dog boots to a growing customer base and maintaining a competitive edge in the pet care industry.

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