Recruitment in Europe: DriSteem Success Story

DriSteem, experts in designing and manufacturing unique humidification systems in commercial, health care, industrial, and process-critical applications for more than 50 years. They brought EuroDev onboard in mid-2021 to help them with Recruitment process in Europe. 

The Challenge

  • Finding a dual-lingual Applications Engineer with extensive experience in HVAC and ventilation systems for the EMEA region
  • Sourcing a high quality candidate considering shifting of European labour market
  • Providing expert market knowledge 

The Recruitment Process

EuroDev's 3-Staged Approach

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    1. Kick-off & Screening

    A kick-off call with DriSteem was held to discuss their ideal candidate profile. For the client, the ideal candidate needed a strong technical background, fluency in English and German, and relevant industry experience.

    A hybrid approach of passive and active recruitment was used to establish a talent pool of about 120 candidates, who were then screened and then interviewed .

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    2. Interviews


    The second round of interviews involved the direct supervisor and multiple hiring team members, each focusing on different aspects of the job to ensure a thorough evaluation.  

    For DriSteem, the third round required candidates to present a 30-60-90-day plan to the client's president, allowing for in-depth discussion of strategy and role expectations. 

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    3. Closing


    Finalizing calls were held with the client to discuss the next steps, including background and reference checks for the top candidates.

    EuroDev also selected a backup candidate in case the top choice declined. EuroDev and DriSteem then collaboratively onboarded the new hire to ensure a smooth integration and clear understanding of role expectations.


: In just 8 weeks, DriSteem identified and hired a key team member for their European expansion.

Immediate Impact: The successful recruitment led to the hiring of a second European employee.

EuroDev Support:

  • Completed business and social security registrations.
  • Drafted employment contracts compliant with local laws.
  • Arranged payroll benefits.
  • Provided general HR advisory services.
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