Aerospace & Defense in Europe

Europe is home to some of the largest companies in the global aerospace industry, with a total yearly turnover of over 275 billion USD. It is an extremely diversified market consisting of 44 countries and 24 languages. 

Growing your business in this diversified market can be challenging. We help you in this process by allocating a multilingual business development team that outlines and executes your winning European strategy.

Additive Manufacturing in Europe

Overview of Industry in Europe

Not being able to deal with a variety of languages, regulations and time zone differences? No problem, EuroDev can solve that for you.

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Through our introduction program, you will quickly learn about the opportunities that Europe has for your business. We will allocate a team with Aerospace industry experience and an active network, to quickly validate market potential and share their findings with you on a continuous basis. The team operates as the European branch of your company, acting under your company name.

Winning in Europe is the ultimate goal, and having boots on the ground with a team you can rely on is essential!

Our Partners

Stories from our Partners

  • SJE Rhombus

    EuroDev allocated a business development team, that represents SJE Rhombus in the European market as SJE Rhombus Europe. This is provided as a service and allows the company to have boots on the ground in Europe. The team is mandated to perform business development activities across the European theatre, working closely with SJE Rhombus Sales and Technical leadership teams. Since then, they have been growing the business together.
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  • EME Associates

    EME Associates is a US-based company that specializes in independent suppliers of electro-mechanical equipment engineering, parts, maintenance, repair, and services. The EuroDev Team was able to secure a big partnership in Spain and identified 270 leads in the pipeline across the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, and the Nordics. Our team's support helped EME Associates to become recognized in the European market.
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  • Portacool

    Portacool started with our 4-step introductory program. After one year of cooperation, the European Team was able to engage key Master Distributors in the UK, the Netherlands, and Germany. As a next step for the second year, the Portacool Europe Team moved the business development focus into the Nordics (Sweden, Norway, and Finland) and East Europe countries, combining these activities with account management growth and after-sales support in the countries with an existing business.
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  • Amity

    Amity is a Software as a Service (SaaS) digital solution provider that empowers online engagement for mobile applications and online platforms. EuroDev’s objective was to create a custom-made market entry strategy, analyse barriers of entry, find solutions to overcome them, and identify the best European opportunities for Amity in the different industries and geographical areas.
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