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EuroDev Culture

The Brand of Fun

Impression of yearly home coming work event

“I was given a fantastic opportunity to further develop my skill set”

The brand of opportunity

“The practical business development knowledge and experience I gained here over the years, combined with EuroDev’s flexibility, enabled me to successfully finish an MBA program and several additional master classes – all part of my EuroDev management program.”

“It’s great to work with a passionate and energetic team”

The brand
of success

“Being successful for my clients means being part of the winning team at EuroDev, and EuroDev ensures I have all the resources I need to achieve client objectives. This enables me to find the right people and create strong teams. The difference our people make is what explains our success.”

“The wide scope keeps me on my toes − and I love it”

The brand
of heroes

“I give presentations to strategic decision-makers, have contract meetings with purchasing managers and their buyers, and work with engineering on technical issues. In addition to these responsibilities, I find opportunities to generate new business, further develop existing contacts and deal with all kinds of challenges and obstacles along the road.”

“Working here is cool in more ways than one”

The brand
of fun

“Working at EuroDev means more than being part of a successful team. It also means getting better at what you do every day − and having great fun in the process.”

Success story EuroDev

The brand
of ambition

Continued growth

Our organization has had a steady growth rate of more than 20% over the last years. Growth is expected to continue in the upcoming years as Europe has proven to be a lucrative market for midsized American companies. Besides obtaining more assignments through new clients, we are continuously tasked to do more for existing customers as they grow alongside us.

The fun factor

Mind you, it’s not all work and no play at EuroDev. You will just plainly enjoy yourself as well. Your EuroDev colleagues are not single-minded individualists absorbed in pursuing their own goals. On the contrary, they are team players who know that sharing is the way to get things done, and have great fun in the process.

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