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“We like to champion
each other.”

—Mark de Vries, EuroDev CEO, Almelo, The Netherlands

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Since it was established in 1996, EuroDev has been the preferred business development partner of more than 250 North American businesses. Today, our workforce consists of more than 120 highly skilled, multilingual professionals committed to our clients’ success—and to the EuroDev vision

The EuroDev story

When EuroDev was founded in the Netherlands 20 years ago, our focus was primarily on sales development. Over the years, we’ve worked closely with clients to develop a unique business development model for European expansion and, in the process, gained expertise in a wide variety of sectors, including industrial, retail and health care.

The establishment of a second office in 2000—this time, in France—gave EuroDev clients even greater access to our pan-European network of contacts and resources. That same year, we set up an HR division, which also gave them access to some of Europe’s most sought-after talent, and to the resources they needed to manage European workforces in full compliance with local laws and regulations. Five years later, we expanded our portfolio by creating a mergers and acquisitions division, providing yet another way for clients to expand their European presence.

We opened the EuroDev Center—home to more than 53 North American companies—in 2010. This state-of-the-art building is centrally located in the eastern Netherlands’ Almelo municipality, and includes office space equipped with the latest IT infrastructure as well as warehousing and logistics facilities. Just 20 minutes from the German border and close to four major European airports, the EuroDev Center makes it easy for tenants to connect with European vendors, OEMs and end-users.

Today, we continue to seek new avenues for growth and ever-more innovative ways to help clients to achieve their goals.

The EuroDev team

EuroDev is led, staffed and advised by individuals who are committed to our core values and our clients’ success. Each brings a unique educational background and life experience that complements the group as a whole.

What does this mean for clients? In a word, access. No matter who your point of contact is, you’re always able to leverage the knowledge of our entire ecosystem.



EuroDev’s staff members are well-educated and multilingual, and experienced in a wide variety of fields. Most individuals have worked or studied abroad, and all bring unwavering commitment to client satisfaction with everything they undertake.

Advisory board

EuroDev is privileged to have access to the wisdom and experience of several notable independent executives and thought-leaders.


Since its inception in 1996, EuroDev has developed constructive relationships with a wide variety of vendors, affiliates and colleagues. We’re grateful for the mutual respect and knowledge-sharing that this global network of contacts affords.

EuroDev ambassadors are people who have helped make EuroDev the success it is today. We’re humbled by their faith and friendship, and consider them honorary members of the EuroDev team.

Corporate social responsibility

Corporate responsibility is central to our corporate ethos—in fact, it’s part of EuroDev’s DNA.

In all of our interactions, the company is driven by honesty, integrity and transparency. These values inform not just our relationships with clients, but also the way we manage staff and connect with the communities we operate in. We believe that our activities, both in the corporate sphere and in our immediate neighborhoods, can have a genuinely positive impact on the world.

A healthy, inspiring workplace

At EuroDev, we recognize that a happy, healthy and well-motivated staff is key to successful client relationships. That’s why we take extraordinary measures to ensure that our workplaces are inclusive, nurturing and—if we may say so—fun places to be!

Our business model requires staff to support clients across two continents, and because our company faces challenges more traditional companies may not. That’s one reason we place so much emphasis on flexibility. We appreciate the importance of work-life balance and do our very best to accommodate staff scheduling needs.

As well, we offer employees:

  • A comfortable work environment in our modern, open offices
  • Inclusive team structures that give everyone a voice
  • Engaging social activities that build camaraderie
  • Opportunities to participate in sports activities during and after working hours
  • Access to a healthy snacks such as fruits and salad

Formal and informal learning opportunities

Just as we’re committed to a healthy workplace, we’re equally enthusiastic about offering opportuntiies for growth.

Accordingly we offer:

  • Intensive onboarding and training programs for new employees
  • Educational programs to help employees progress along their chosen career paths
  • Onsite learning sessions that help staff better understand and articulate the company’s core competencies
  • Partnerships with members of our corporate network that help employees learn about new developments in the sectors they serve most often
  • An environment that encourages openness and proactive knowledge-sharing from the top down and the bottom up

Inclusive, gender-neutral policies

We believe that diversity strengthens our ability to connect with clients and the world at large. We’re especially committed to providing career-growth opportunities for women at every level, from administrative positions to senior management. In doing so, we’re able to engage with a wider variety of perspectives—and that in turn lets us entertain a wider set of perspectives when addressing our clients’ challenges.

Engagement with the world at large

Our interest in giving back extends beyond our office doors. We’re inspired by the United Nations’ new sustainable development goals, which are part of the organization’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and aim to promote “people, planet and prosperity.” Wherever possible, we support sustainable growth initiatives, community events and charitable enterprises.

For instance, many of us:

  • Support local athletes or contribute to EuroDev’s sponsorship of local Little League teams
  • Serve on boards or committees of local universities, colleges, primary schools and daycare centers
  • Participate in EuroDev’s two-month, five-day-a-week bootcamp with onsite personal trainers, a program that can be extended at a local gym that’s partnered with us
  • Deliver workshops and lectures at educational institutions and export development organization on the part of the EuroDev International Business Academy

To learn more our commitment to social responsibility, or to inquire about upcoming International Business Academy programs, contact a business development representative.

Mission statement

EuroDev aims to be the European business development partner of choice for mid-sized North American companies.

To achieve this, we pledge to:

  • Become and remain a leader in our niche
  • Further specialize in markets and services in order to offer clients an even broader portfolio of resources
  • Add stakeholder value wherever we can
  • Conduct ourselves with professionalism, respectfulness and transparency at all times
  • Give employees ample opportunities for career growth
  • Encourage staff to be entrepreneurial and empower them work as closely as possible with clients during planning, support and decision-making
  • Nurture team success in an environment where employees freely share information, knowledge and tactics, and champion one another’s efforts
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