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Brexit Implications

Brexit Implications

When the U.K. chose in favor of a Brexit, what remained was uncertainty. In fact, the uncertainty of the consequences was so great that it became impossible to reflect on…

Report: European M&A Landscape 2016

Report: European M&A landscape 2016

2016 was a busy year for European M&A activities. Despite the uncertainty before Brexit, deal volume increased by 4% year-on-year from 2015. In fact, Europe saw more deals in 2016…

Meet EuroDev At The Paris Air Show 2017

Meet EuroDev at the Paris Air Show 2017

Since its launch in 1909, the International Paris Air Show has constantly grown, and remains the largest aerospace event in the world. The show is providing companies an occasion to…

2017 Euro Zone Economic Outlook

2017 Euro Zone Economic Outlook

Figures released by IMF this month indicate that the Euro-zone economy is growing at a faster rate than U.S.A’s. The GDP growth rate of only the first quarter of 2017…

EuroDev Goes Sailing!

EuroDev goes sailing!

Last Saturday, our annual social event took place. We went sailing with the Flying Dutchman. Our boat departed from Lemmer Harbour and took us around on the IJsselmeer. During this day long event,…

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