Corona Virus: Implications for Greek Staff

Last updated: 1 June 2023

The Corona virus raises many questions and uncertainties. What consequences does the COVID-19 have for your Greek staff? Every country has their own measures regarding the Coronavirus. We monitor the situation and have put all information together per country. If you employ people in Greece , the information below might help you with managing your Greek staff.

*The information in the blog has the purpose to help the reader with gaining more knowledge and insights on the measures taken by the government. Please keep in mind that we have outlined basic rules. There might be specific terms, rules and regulations to each measure. As a result, EuroDev cannot guarantee any reimbursements or liabilities. For more detailed information, please contact our experts.

Measures set by the government 

On Wednesday 18 March, all retail outlets in Greece were closed. Shops and other facilities such as educational institutions, theatres, bars and nightclubs that are not necessary for vital supplies are closed for 15 days since 14 March. Supermarkets, pharmacies and take-away restaurants are still open. 

From 18 March 2020, all individuals entering Greece from abroad must undergo a 14-day house quarantine. Furthermore, all flights from Greece to Italy and Spain or vice versa are suspended until 15 April. Ferry traffic (passengers) is also suspended until 15 April. 

Apart from these measures, the government has set similar measures as other European countries such as prohibiting events with more than 1000 spectators. 

Short-Time working

In Greece, 220 000 companies have already been closed because of the corona crisis. Thousands of other companies are suffering from the closure of these companies. Greek Deputy Prime Minister Adonis Georgiadis warned: "Those who lay off workers will not receive support".

Compensation: "All workers whose factories have been closed will receive 800 euros for the period 15 March to 30 April." - Greek Deputy Prime Minister Adonis Georgiadis

In the event of the temporary closure of business units, the employment relationship is completely suspended, in accordance with Article 380 of the Greek Civil Code. This means employees are not obliged to provide work and the employer is not required to pay salary for the period of the ban. Insurance liabilities are also suspended. A special national mechanism to protect dependent employees in employer-owned companies has been introduced where their operation has been temporarily banned due to COVID-19 emergency measures. It includes financial support measures, special purpose compensation, insurance coverage and emergency subsidies.

In addition to this information, you might have questions specific to your case and company. If you are looking for answers, we are happy to help. Schedule a 15-minute call with Monique Ramondt, VP of HR Outsourcing by clicking the image below:


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