Home Improvement Industry Trends in EU

Last updated: 26 September 2023


Data speaks for itself, and according to Technavio, the DIY home improvement market share in Europe is expected to increase by USD 26.42 billion from 2021 to 2025.

If you want to learn more about DIY and home improvement industry trends in Europe, this blog is a must-read.


Home Improvement Industry' Prominent DIY Retailers in Europe


The European DIY market consists of three main players located in the UK, France, and Germany. Some of the leading names are Kingfisher Group, Brico Depot, ADEO, OBI, etc. 

The UK's Kingfisher Group runs several other home improvement and hardware stores across Europe. In the United Kingdom, the Group owns the B&Q and Screwfix brands, the former of which has seen a decline in sales in recent years. Brico Depot, located in France, is owned by the Kingfisher Group too.

Another large company is ADEO, located primarily in France. Based on turnover, France's Group ADEO is the largest DIY retailer in Europe, with an annual turnover of 21 billion euros.

Germany is another European country that boasts a vibrant DIY retail market, with successful chains such as OBI, Bauhaus, and Hagebau, to name a few. Within Germany, Hagebau and Obi are the most successful in terms of DIY retail presence.


Latest Home Improvement Market Trends & Developments in Europe


The DIY home improvement market in Europe is experiencing several technological advances over the past years, so staying up-to-date with the latest trends and developments is essential for successful penetration in the EU market.

The key competitors in the market, such as ADEO, Kingfisher, and Travis Perkins, have improvised their product differentiation factors, including innovation and product assortment, to overcome the intense competition. Vendors are continuously working toward the development of innovative products. In addition, the integration of advanced technologies in home automation products offers greater security and reliability than traditional home products.

Big-box retailers have seen a boost in sales by promoting and selling their products online. More often, small businesses excel over big box stores because they are investing more in customer relationships. Even though online stores are popping up, DIYers are more likely to make the final purchase in-store, especially for products such as paint.


Leading DIY Trade Show in the European Home Improvement Industry


If you would like to learn more about the European home improvement market, the best way to do so is to visit one of the leading DIY trade shows.

The most anticipated one in Europe is Eisenwarenmesse, which takes place biannually in Cologne, Germany. In this trade show, the most presented product categories are:

  • Tools,
  • Industrial supplies,
  • Fasteners & fixing,
  • Fittings, and
  • Home improvement.


There, you'll gain valuable insights into the latest home improvement market trends.


Why Should You Consider Entering the DIY & Home Improvement Market in Europe


Many consumers are now spending a lot more money and time on improving their homes by themselves. A recent survey conducted in Europe found out that half of the consumers did more DIY tasks simply because 'they loved it'. UK, Germany, and France are the fast-growing and most prospective home improvement market leaders and, therefore, the locations you should consider first if you are planning your EU expansion. 




In 2019, the DIY home improvement industry broke all records with a turnover of EUR 618 billion. North America and Europe are the leaders in the market, with shares of 86.6%. Moreover, the three major DIY markets in Europe (Germany, France, and the United Kingdom) represent 50% of the continent’s market.

This home improvement market size only shows you that if you already have a successful business in North America, the chances that you will be well-accepted in Europe are high.


Where our expertise comes into play


However, with many different languages, countries, and cultural backgrounds – the European home improvement market is not easy to penetrate for any North American company. To be successful, you will need boots on the ground in Europe.

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Source: Statista.com, Technavio

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