How to Choose the Right PEO/EoR Partner?

Last updated: 1 June 2023

Hiring abroad is becoming easier thanks to many companies offering EoR (Employer of Record) and PEO (Professional Employer Organization) services. If you decide to take this route, you can expect that your company will experience an annual growth rate of 6.9%. But this shouldn’t be your only drive, because nothing can be measured by building a remote global team and bringing top talent to work with you. But the question is - how do you choose the right arrangement for you and how do you choose the best PEO or EoR partner? Keep reading to discover.

Why should you take EoR/PEO partner?

When hiring abroad, you want to have someone with local expertise, and that is certainly your HR outsourcing partner. Entering a new market is never a simple task, especially if we are talking about finding the right talent. Different languages, time zones, cultural expectations, and labor laws are not making it any easier.

So, how to choose the right partner? 

When discussing a potential partnership with different EoR and PEO providers, these are some of the questions you should answer before making the final decision.

What is their level of expertise?

At the moment, the market is offering many different EoR and PEO partners that have different backgrounds when it comes to hiring. If you know what market you want to penetrate, you should focus on finding a partner with local expertise. There are many HR Outsourcing providers offering global hiring services, and if that suits your needs, they might be the right choice. However, those are usually online platforms and software. On the other hand, you can choose a boutique HR outsourcing service that is tailored just for you. Boutique HR outsourcing partners are usually specialized in a certain location. No matter what type of partner you choose, they should be able to support you when it comes to cultural and legal expectations of a country where you are hiring, local laws, payments, payroll, etc. It can cause more damage than good if your EoR partner is lacking in experience. But no need to be afraid, when done correctly, the EoR will be able to hire on your company’s behalf while avoiding all the legal complexities.

Will your future employees have the necessary support?

Different languages and different time zones can make the hiring process a bit tricky, but if your employees don’t have anyone to turn to if they have a job-related issue it will not help your company’s retention. Having someone in the same time zone who speaks the same language is very important so your new team members feel welcome and comfortable. That is something that you can get through EoR services. Choosing the right EoR or PEO partner will make your employees feel like a part of the team and they will have their HR management support in a slightly different form.

What are your payroll needs? 

EoR and PEO partners are here to support you with your payroll needs as well and this is determined by several factors in your organization. Whether you want to have multiple payment schedules or an EOR partner who will have a set payroll schedule for every employee on their book. It solely depends on your company’s needs, but keep in mind that you want to have technical capacities to run the process smoothly and seamlessly. That’s why it is important to find a partner who will guide you through the process and offer you the best possible advice.

What about data security? 

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a big thing in the European Union, and it is critical that your EoR partner is familiar with securing the data. This is not important only to save your data, but it is one of the local laws that protect the workforce.

Should I choose a user-friendly platform or a team?

We are coming to the very end of this list, but this question is super important. Do you prefer having an online platform where you will be able to check payroll processing, reports, invoices, etc? Or do you prefer having an HR consultant who will guide you and your team through everything that you might need to know at a given moment? We always like to say, human resources are all about humans, that’s why we are offering boutique support to our partners.

No matter what type of HR outsourcing service you choose for your company, it is crucial to find someone you can fully trust. After all, that is a company that will run your business’s most precious resource - the workforce. That’s why EuroDev is a reliable partner of over 500 North American companies. With EuroDev, you can hire abroad fast without worrying about setting up an entity. You will stay compliant in every European country of your choice, and you will have an excellent team experienced to offer the necessary HR support. Let’s chat about the next steps for your hiring in Europe

About EuroDev

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Disclaimer: While we strive to provide accurate and timely information, please note that HR policies and regulations can change frequently. It is recommended that you seek guidance from our HR consultants to ensure that the data presented here is current and accurate.

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