INTERVIEW: Evaluating the European Expansion Journey

Last updated: 23 February 2024


In this 10-minute interview, Bionix shared their experiences concerning European expansion. What did they learn? Also, Bionix shared their thoughts on EuroDev's European expansion introduction program. Topics that were discussed in the interview include challenges when developing in the European market and the next steps of their European expansion.

Expanding into the European market is a challenging journey and requires a well thought strategy, experience and an infrastructure that aligns with the corporate strategy and the potential of the European market. This approach should ultimately result into sustainable sales growth with minimized risks and cost spending.

Bionix’s Director of Market Development Brett Smith and International Account manager Chad Gottschalk are being interviewed about their experience and results of the 4 month introduction engagement.

Topics that will be covered are:

  • Why they have chosen EuroDev as their partner;
  • The challenges they were facing when developing the European market;
  • What they have gained from the 4 month introduction program;
  • How the next steps in their European expansion will look like.

The interview can be viewed here or by clicking the link below



About EuroDev

As being the preferred business development partner for the past 25 years for over 350 North American companies, EuroDev offers a unique range of market expansion services that will help North American companies to expand into Europe in a cost-effective, low-risk and flexible manner.

Our sales outsourcing service is aimed to set up dedicated local sales teams that will act and operate under our client’s behalf to grow their European presence. They receive all the benefits of having their own European presence and team, without the cost and liabilities. The services is aimed at sales across the European continent.


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