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“They’re in it with me.”

— Jim Datovech, LKC Technologies, Gaithersburg, MD.

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Outsourced sales
solutions in Europe

Since it was established in 1996, EuroDev has been the preferred European business development partner of more than 250 leading North American companies. Today, our workforce of over 120 multilingual professionals continues to help clients map out expansion strategies in an increasingly complex marketplace

The benefits of outsourcing with EuroDev

For more than 20 years, EuroDev has created dedicated sales and marketing teams—outsourced extensions of existing staff—for North American companies who want to expand in Europe.

During this time, EuroDev’s proprietary process has helped them:

  • Gain unique insights into how European markets operate
  • Develop actionable strategies that can be put to use right away
  • Access promising, well-qualified—but often hard-to-uncover—opportunities

In addition to these benefits, our services are generally provided at significantly lower costs than what it would take for clients to set up European sales teams on their own. That’s why so many organizations choose EuroDev as their preferred business development partner.

Not sure whether EuroDev is the right solution for your needs? The EuroDev introductory sales outsourcing program is an affordable short-term trial that helps you learn how we operate—and gives us a deeper understanding of your corporate goals.

A simple way to get to know us

The sales outsourcing introductory program was developed to help North American companies better understand the benefits of working with a dedicated EuroDev sales team. This exclusive arrangement is a simple way for prospective clients and EuroDev to get to know each other, after which both parties will be able to determine whether a long-term partnership makes sense.

During your participation in this low-risk trial, we’ll:

  • Set up a European office and an outsourced sales team for your company
  • Perform extensive market analysis
  • Develop a viable expansion strategy for your product or service
  • Generate and qualify leads
  • Arrange sales calls that let you connect with those prospects and partners who might best benefit from a relationship with you—and vice versa

The program is a simple and affordable way for companies to test the waters in a market that can be difficult to penetrate without a great deal of knowledge or a wide range of contacts.

EuroDev’s sales introductory program does require a level of dedication and effort on the part of clients who participate. They should prepare, for example, to make available whatever resources are needed to train their EuroDev team about the benefits of their product or service. As well, they should be willing to visit European prospects if required. Over the years, we’ve found that those who make a serious commitment to the program usually go on to enjoy outstanding—and sustainable—success.

To give participants a solid foundation, we’ll first:

  • Establish an office for you in Almelo, the Netherlands, or in Sophia Antipolis, France’s world-renowned technology park
  • Assign staff to oversee your progress. Each introductory program team consists of a business development manager—your main point of contact with us and your liaison with our European connections—and an inside sales professional to handle sales calls, process requests for quotations and perform other administrative tasks. Depending on your needs, we may also assign an additional inside sales professional to handle marketing tasks such as research, lead generation, the creation of promotional materials, etc.
  • Produce European letterhead and business cards that let you promote your product or service from a credible base on the continent
  • Set up a European phone line that will be answered with your company name, eight hours a day, in European time zones
  • Install a computer system set up to support your European sales and marketing efforts
  • Help you implement a CRM system customized for the European market
  • Explain communications and promotional best practices that can influence success both in specific countries and continent-wide
  • Provide time-tested advice about the unique opportunities Europe affords as well about as the legislative complexities that often confound companies looking to expand in the marketplace
Once an exploratory team and office have been set up, we’ll perform a comprehensive survey of your competitive environment.

EuroDev can uncover a wide range of competitors’ practices, including:

  • Pricing policies
  • Terms and conditions
  • Methods to market
  • Logistic and operational practices
  • Sales and marketing activities
Before you can successfully establish an enhanced presence in Europe, you need to know who your best prospects are. EuroDev can help you pinpoint those industries and companies that can most benefit from your product or service.

To establish this list, we’ll draw on the networks and relationships we’ve built over the past 20 years. We’ll also make our own in-house databases available to you. These proprietary resources contain exclusive market information about well-respected, well-established OEMs, manufacturers and distributors. This list is then customized to help you more accurately target those markets most likely to be receptive to your company’s specific offerings.

Among the geographical areas EuroDev can provide in-depth information about are:

  • Western Europe (Germany, the UK, Ireland, France, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg)
  • Northern Europe (Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland)
  • Southern Europe (Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Serbia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Croatia, Slovenia and Albania)
  • Central Europe (Switzerland, Austria, the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic and Hungary)
  • Eastern Europe (Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Romania)
With a solid foundation in place, you and your EuroDev outsourced sales team will be even better equipped to precisely target your most promising leads.

To that end, EuroDev will:

  • Contact companies to introduce your product or service and explain its benefits
  • Further qualify prospects according to a set of mutually agreed on criteria
  • Send detailed information about your product or service to the most promising prospects on our list
  • Follow up with them to see how your company and theirs might benefit from an alliance
Just about everyone’s heard the saying that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. This is especially true when a company is trying to present its most compelling sales propositions to a busy prospect. That’s why EuroDev works so hard to help clients prepare for and conduct initial meetings with European prospects. Whether you’re staffing a booth at a trade show or attending a formal meeting at a client’s head office, EuroDev is at your side every step of the way. For example, EuroDev will:
  • Help you plan, set up and execute sales calls in those markets best suited for your product or service
  • Arrange and manage travel itineraries so that you and your team can focus on sales efforts
  • Thoroughly prepare you and your team for introductory meetings, and prepare presentation materials if appropriate
  • Accompany you and your team to meetings and follow-ups if desired
  • Work with you to evaluate opportunities based on client meetings
  • Devise new strategies based on our findings
  • Attend European trade fairs such as: Hannover Messe, AutoMechanika, Interpack, Ambiente, ISPO, Interzoo, Medica, Compamed, MedTec

Introductory program benefits

The EuroDev sales outsourcing introductory program typically runs from four to five months. Because the trial is a limited engagement, it requires no long-term commitment and generates no liabilities on the part of your enterprise. If, after completing the program, your company or ours determine that working together isn’t in our mutual interest, we’ll shake your hand warmly and wish you the very best success.

We find, however, that most companies that participate in our program come to appreciate the unique benefits of a EuroDev partnership. In fact, participation in this low-risk trial has been the basis of some of our longest-lasting client relationships—and of their greatest successes.

That’s because once clients have completed the program, they have:

  • A better understanding of their market potential in Europe and who the continent’s key players in their sector are
  • A solid five-year European growth plan that includes practical, tested strategies for promoting their product or service
  • A new appreciation for how working with EuroDev can help them penetrate a diverse and ever-changing marketplace

Want to learn more? Ask a EuroDev Business Development representative for a complimentary consultation.

Our proven sales outsourcing Europe process


In month one, we will help principals enter the European market by:

  • Establishing their office in the Netherlands or France
  • Altering their materials to fit European standards
  • Implementing modern office facilities and knowledgeable staff
  • Researching competitors and pricings
  • Analyzing the market and proposing an entry strategy


In the coming months, we will consult our database to determine the best markets for principals as well as:

  • Provide feedback from meetings with 5-10 qualified opportunities
  • Schedule meetings at selected opportunities in 3-4 European countries


Next, we will utilize our lists of potential prospects and approach customers to:

  • Open an active pipeline of opportunities for principals
  • Introduce detailed information about principals’ product or service
  • Discuss the benefits of a partnership with principals


Finally, we will help principals form relationships with European customers by:

  • Creating detailed travel itineraries
  • Evaluating business visits
  • Helping principals navigate European sales calls and trade fairs
  • Determining a long-term market strategy
  • Providing a year-on-year delivery of positive ROI

Industries served

At a glance

We’re proud to have partnered with over 250 companies throughout North America.

Company size and segment pie charts

Ready for European expansion? Find out with our free test!

The EuroDev export test is a fast, easy way to discover how prepared you are to expand your European operations.

This short survey lets us evaluate your current capabilities, your knowledge of the European market, and the nature and extent of your ambitions for growth here.

The survey’s questions are loosely based on the “four P’s”—product, price, place and promotion—that were developed by the academic E. Jerome McCarthy and popularized by noted marketing luminary Philip Kotler. Widely recognized as part of the classic “marketing mix” strategy, these components can help organizations structure plans for many types of sales activities, including market expansion. The EuroDev export test incorporates a fifth P—personnel—since service and support are so essential to successful growth plans.

Once you’ve submitted your information, you’ll receive a comprehensive assessment by email in about two business days. We’ll also send you a detailed scorecard along with an executive summary of what your specific strengths are and where you might be able to improve. What’s more, everyone who participates is eligible for a complimentary phone consultation with one of our senior managers.

Completing the survey takes no more than 10 minutes, so why wait? To get started, simply follow this link.

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