Interzoo - Trends & Innovations 2022

Last updated: 1 June 2023

“Happy faces, personal exchange, and international business” That’s how the most sensational pet show of 2022 positioned itself.

Suppose you are planning to enter the pet products market in Europe. In that case, Interzoo is the most important event to attend, as 80% of all the visitors come from Europe. All the leading retailers and distributors are present. This year’s edition of Interzoo embraced well-known brands with many start-ups that draw attention. Last but not least, it’s allowed to bring your pet to join, which made the biggest global pet expo complete.

This show was very successful in its return after the last edition in 2018. Both visitors and exhibitors were highly excited to get back in trade, meet potential business partners face to face, and dive into the latest industry trends. The turnout of visitors was enormous with 28,000 attendings, even if it didn’t reach a pre-covid scale. Visitors came from across the globe and nearly 130 countries to look at the latest articles and services from a total of 1,329 exhibitors from 59 countries.

5 main trends of the pet industry in 2022

1. Solution for battling anxiety
The Covid period was difficult for all of us - even our pets. According to Rover, the demand for training and anxiety solutions has increased tenfold compared to pre-pandemic time. Owners started actively searching for solutions as this problem emerged. Highlighted below are some tips to deal with these issues:
  • Long-lasting treats, like heavy-duty toys or chews to prevent boredom and occupy your pet’s time
  • An appropriate amount of exercise to make your pet more relaxed
  • Do not practice the punishment way of coping with your pet’s anxiety
  • Show your excitement about spending time with your pet

2. Pet parents going green
The climate change crisis and the destruction of habitats are significant threats to animals and humans. That’s why in 2022, more and more pet owners are aiming for sustainable, eco-friendly pet products & amp; behaviours. Here are some habits for eco-conscious pet owners:

  • Adopting instead of buying. The best solution for preventing the environmental demand of overpopulation and giving abandoned pets the home they deserve.
  • Avoid chemicals at home. From pet shampoo to cleaning products, make sure that you provide a preference for chemical-free items. Protect your pet and save the planet!
  • Using biodegradable bags. Unlike plastic bags, biodegradable alternatives are made from materials that break down completely over time and will not stay in the landfill forever.
  • Choosing eco-friendly pet toys & amp; passing on unwanted toys. When buying toys, select ones with trusted eco-credentials. At the same time, all toys your fluffy friend no longer plays with can be donated instead of going to the garbage bin.

3. Improvement in pet nutrition

A growing trend in 2022 is considering what you are feeding your pet and how their nutrition can be improved. A few things should be considered to ensure your pet gets a healthy, well-balanced diet. Check the ingredients labels of the products you buy to prevent low-quality items. Look for alternative protein sources with more nutrition benefits and less environmental impact. Go for fresh pet food options.

4. Investing in pet tech
In 2022 a new wave of pet-friendly gadgets has entered the market. Pet owners are willing to invest more in purchasing technology-based solutions to have better care for their small family members. Some of these include dog-activated video calls, virtual pet visits, intelligent collars, and health & amp; safety monitoring solutions.

5. The humanization of pets continues

The connection between owners and pets will only become intense in 2022. Many owners treat their furry friends with such luxuries as meal delivery services, TV subscriptions, organic bedding, etc. If you ask parents, they will say their first priority is making their children’s lives full, healthy, and happy. Nowadays, it can be said that the same approach is working for pets and their human parents.

From Interzoo to selling in Europe
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