Learning from the PROs: Expanding in EU for Industrial Manufacturers

Last updated: 30 August 2023


Industrial manufacturers are facing long lead times, increased costs, and a scarcity of raw materials, which means they are taking steps to boost their profit by investing in a multitude of new technologies and expanding into already well-established markets in Europe.

Our business development expert, Gideon Ebbers, discussed what makes a project make or break in Europe, the new trends in the market, and why having a team of experts who understand the diverse environment is of utmost importance.

First things first, tell us a little bit about yourself, your background, and your experience.


My background in university is in economics, with a specialty in marketing. My first job was at a company that is part of the steel machinery industry. That company develops, manufactures, and sells machinery all over the world, with a huge subsidiary in the US and dealers all over the world. I was working as a marketing coordinator with responsibility for general marketing activities, like exhibitions, market research, and entry strategies. Secondly, I supported dealers around the world with all the market-related support.


Why did you decide to pursue a career in business management?


I wanted to have more growth in my career, especially in international sales and did not want to wait. I started to look for a sales position and found a challenging job at EuroDev because they are a company that supports US companies that want to expand their sales to Europe.

This work was a bit challenging at the beginning. I had to understand the model of working in EuroDev because, at this job, you have to represent different companies from different industries at the same time. It's a proactive and challenging job because of the number of daily business activities, responsibilities, and independence. You have to know different industries and cultures because you work with clients from different areas.

Important to mention that there has to be good management of expectations and communication with your stakeholders. 

Expansion in Europe for US industrial manufacturers


What are you most proud of from a professional perspective, and how did you achieve it?


I am proud of where I am today. The environment in my workplace is challenging and inspiring. People around me always support and educate me, which helps me to improve myself. I got an opportunity to improve my English skills on a business level, which I can use in practice on a daily basis. I believe in challenging yourself to get to the next level.


Speaking about growing the European market for North American mid-size manufacturers, what are the key factors for the success of the partnership?

The key factor is to have a local team to understand the culture and industry. People from the US have a different way of thinking in comparison with Europeans. Different habits, traditions, and ways of doing business. In Europe, there is a difference in national languages, which might become a barrier in some cases. We support European clients of our North American partners.


How do you measure the success rate of a project?


I measure success in communication and clear targets, which is key to all of our work. It is important to keep an eye on the planning and keep track of your goals with monthly reports. You have to be open with your clients and let them know what's going on in the European market, if a goal might not be met and why there might be a change, for example.


Moving to the different industries where you are active, which market niche do you find most compelling when it comes to industrial manufacturing in Europe?


This a difficult question, but the global water industry is an interesting industry at the moment. It is expected there will be a shortage of sweet water, which will be challenging in the future. We need water for a lot of different processes in the world, for irrigation and a lot of other industries (food, pharma, etc.), but also for us to drink it.


Finally, please tell us about the European industry trends you've noticed lately, what's the European market looking for and your recommendations.


As I mentioned before, the issue of drinking water is a big topic nowadays. Most of the companies I have visited in the part in different countries have been complaining and worrying about the same issue.

In addition, I believe the trend of automation will definitely continue. I believe there will always be companies that develop a solution to the problem and turn it into an opportunity to become successful.



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