Navigating the Voice Search Revolution with Multilingual SEO

Last updated: 17 January 2024

In the world of digital marketing, the voice revolution is already here. US marketing leaders are expanding into global markets and recognizing the need for adaptation.

At EuroDev, we've observed a significant shift—a fusion of voice search and multilingual SEO, creating a new landscape for marketers to navigate.  


The Voice Revolution is Here 

Gone are the days when a simple translated keyword list would suffice. Modern smart devices, featuring voice assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant, have become the global standard for search queries.

Voice searches often involve natural language, colloquialisms, and context that traditional text searches might overlook. For American companies looking to expand internationally, this presents both a challenge and an opportunity. 


Beyond Translated Keywords 

Imagine a German customer searching for eco-friendly sneakers. They might ask their device, "Wo finde ich umweltfreundliche Turnschuhe in meiner Nähe?" Merely translating US keywords won't cut it.

What's needed is an understanding of the language and the intent, context, and cultural nuances underpinning these voice searches. 


Leveraging Voice Search for International Markets 

At EuroDev, we're implementing strategies that harness the power of voice search in the global market.

Thanks to our multinational presence, we possess insights into local linguistic structures, track popular voice search trends, and craft SEO strategies tailored to the unique voice preferences of each region or country.

It's not just about translation; it's about transformation. Transforming your content to be voice-ready ensures your brand is found when someone speaks. 


voice search in European markets


How to Optimize Your Website for Voice Search


  • Understand Natural Language

Focus on conversational keywords and phrases. Voice search queries tend to be more natural and longer than typed queries, so incorporate long-tail keywords and questions into your content.

  • Local Optimization

Optimize for local searches, as many voice searches are location-specific.

  • Featured Snippets

Aim to secure featured snippets for relevant queries. Voice assistants often pull information from these snippets to provide concise answers. Structure your content in a way that answers questions directly.

  • Mobile Optimization

Optimize your website for mobile devices, as voice searches are often performed on smartphones and other mobile devices. Ensure your site is responsive, loads quickly, and provides a seamless user experience.

  • Schema Markup

Implement schema markup to provide search engines with additional context about your content. This can help search engines understand your content better and present it more appealingly for voice search results.

  • Create FAQ Pages

Develop FAQ pages that address common questions your audience may ask. This aligns well with the natural language of voice search queries and increases the likelihood of your content being used as a source by voice assistants.

  • Optimize for Featured Voice Search

Identify the types of queries that are likely to result in voice search responses. Craft content specifically to answer these queries concisely, as voice assistants often provide a single answer for voice search results.

  • Optimize for Mobile Voice Search

Tailor your content to provide quick and relevant answers, as people using voice search on mobile devices are often looking for immediate solutions or information.

  • Social Media Presence

Voice search can also pull information from social media, so having a robust and up-to-date social media profile can contribute to your online visibility.

  • Regularly Review and Update

Stay abreast of changes in voice search technology and search engine algorithms. Regularly update your content and strategies to align with evolving trends in voice search optimization.


Voice Search and Multilingual SEO in Global Marketing 

To our fellow US marketing leaders, let us emphasize that voice search and multilingual SEO are not mere buzzwords.

They are potent tools in your international marketing arsenal.

In the age of AI and smart devices, comprehending and harnessing these tools can be the difference between global recognition and getting lost in translation.


About EuroDev 

At EuroDev we have a comprehensive understanding of multilingual SEO and voice search. Our strategic insights and adaptability can empower your brand to succeed on the international stage.

If you want to learn more about how we can help your brand strive in Europe with digital marketing, click here.


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