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European Dental Equipment

Case study: Dental equipment Europe

EuroDev has a single, defined purpose to help mid-sized North American companies expand their business in Europe. We have developed a proven, successful development model: since our founding, we have…

M&A Whitepaper: Protectionism

To instigate our updates on the European market in 2019, EuroDev has prepared a report on protectionism in M&A. This report provides insights into its influence on European cross-border M&A,…

M&A Report 2019

M&A Forecast 2019

Continuing our series of monthly updates on the M&A market, EuroDev M&A has prepared a report on the M&A activity and the forecasts for 2019. It gives insights into the…

MA Healthcare Report

Report: Healthcare M&A pandemic

The EuroDev M&A has the pleasure of sharing with you an assessment of M&A activity in the healthcare sector. This insight provides an overview of recent deals, current industry trends,…

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