Why Is EoR Better than Having an Entity in Every Country?

Last updated: 22 September 2023

As businesses expand globally, they face the challenge of managing employees in different countries, each with its own set of employment laws and regulations. One approach to managing this is to set up entities in every country where they want to operate, but this can be a costly and time-consuming process.

An alternative solution is to use an Employer of Record (EoR) provider. The benefits of using an EoR include cost and time savings, compliance with local laws and regulations, local expertise and support, reduced risk, and flexibility and expansion opportunities.

In this blog, we will discuss why using an EoR provider is better than having an entity in every country.

What is an EoR?


An EoR is a third-party service provider that enables a business to employ and pay workers in another nation without setting up a local legal entity there. The EoR assumes the role of employer of record and is in charge of all obligations pertaining to employment, including payroll, taxes, and adherence to regional labor laws. While the EoR handles all administrative duties, the company maintains control over the employee's day-to-day activities.

Small and medium-sized firms that are attempting to expand into foreign markets frequently adopt the EOR solution. Thus, the EOR turns into a tool for facilitating simple market entry by employing staff members or independent contractors, depending on their requirements.


Benefits of using an EoR


Cost & Time Savings

It can be expensive to set up businesses abroad, with expenditures like legal fees, registration fees, and regular maintenance costs. In contrast, hiring an EoR provider can help firms save money by lowering the costs involved in creating legal entities across all nations. The EoR provider handles all the administrative duties, freeing the business to concentrate on its core operations.

Each nation has its own set of legal requirements and rules, making entity formation a time-consuming process. To finish this, it can take weeks or even months. On the other hand, by streamlining the hiring and management of staff across borders, utilizing an EoR supplier can save time. EoR suppliers can onboard employees quickly and effectively because they have existing networks and infrastructure.

Overall, by using an EOR solution, you will be able to conserve a significant amount of time and money that would otherwise be needed for research, personnel acquisition, and subsidiary establishment. This choice will also provide you plenty of opportunity to divert your attention to other projects, such as managing the day-to-day operations of your business and other obligations on your plate.


Compliance with Local Laws and Regulations

For a foreign firm, navigating the many labor rules and regulations that exist in each nation can be challenging. The necessary knowledge of these laws, rules, and regulatory agencies is held by employers of record firms. Therefore, hiring an EOR is a way to guarantee that your company stays compliant and has a lower danger of breaking set standards. An employer of record has the expertise to ensure compliance and can assist you in staying fully current with all legal requirements.


Local Expertise and Support

Businesses may encounter linguistic and cultural challenges while hiring personnel in another country, which makes it difficult to understand the local labor laws and regulations. An EoR provider can assist firms in overcoming these obstacles because they have local knowledge and resources. EoR providers can help in the native language and provide knowledge of regional business cultures and practices.


Reduced Risk

Creating a legal corporation in another nation can be dangerous since it exposes the business to possible financial and legal problems. The misclassification of workers is a significant one. Understanding how a foreign market operates is essential for successful operations. Understanding how employees and independent contractors are categorized and organizing their payroll as such is crucial.

Non-compliance is still another concern. It may be challenging to navigate a new market, and you run the risk of breaking many rules, particularly when it comes to matters like tax and insurance, which could lead to legal action and penalties. Utilizing an EoR provider could reduce these risks because the service will take care of all obligations relating to employment, such as payroll and taxes.


Flexibility & Expansion

The EoR solution should be your first choice if you wish to grow your company internationally. Growth will be facilitated because you won't have to go through the drawn-out process of forming a legal corporation only to hire workers abroad. You may quickly hire and relocate your personnel thanks to the streamlined procedure. Your business is not required to remain in one place when using an employer of record. States or countries may be involved at the same time, or both.

Businesses can approach global expansion with more flexibility when using an EoR service. They can explore new markets without having to set up a legal presence in each country, which enables them to quickly respond to modifications in the global business environment.




Companies aiming to enter international markets might greatly benefit from using an EoR solution. An EoR service can be a crucial resource for companies of all sizes due to the cost and time savings, compliance with local rules and regulations, local experience and assistance, decreased risk, and flexibility for expansion. Businesses can concentrate on their core competencies and adjust to the evolving global business climate by outsourcing the administrative responsibilities of employment to an EoR provider. In short, EoR can allow companies to expand and grow faster, be more compliant, and in a time and cost-saving manner.  

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