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Overview of the Dental Industry in Europe


The global dental equipment market is, like many healthcare industries, primarily driven by advancements in diagnostics and treatment technologies. In addition, growing awareness about the role of dentistry in aesthetics is encouraging the growth of the market.

Cosmetic dentistry is one of the major factors driving the dental industry in Europe specifically. In fact, Europe is estimated to be the leading region in the global dental equipment market, including dentures, due to the increasing geriatric population, high insurance reimbursement rates in Germany, Netherlands and Sweden, and the overall growing government expenditure on oral healthcare.


Zooming in on particular markets, customer spending in the dental care market was highest in Germany, valued at USD 28b, followed by France at USD 12b, and Spain, Italy, and the United Kingdom at USD 9bn each.

The European dental market is ever-changing and developing, so if you’re looking to expand your business to Europe, feel free to get in touch.

EuroDev supports you to navigate the European Medical Device Regulations (EU-MDR).

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