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Overview of the Pharmaceutical Industry in Europe


The European pharmaceutical market is anticipated to reach USD 432.12 billion by the end of 2028. The market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.4% annually. The growth of the pharmaceutical industry in Europe has been influenced by the growing elderly population and the approval and launch of novel products within the region.

The European region is home to the biggest pharma companies, top research and design institutes, and hospitals that provide a better environment for clinical innovations for rare and life-threatening diseases. 

Hospitals still make up the largest part of the European healthcare system. In countries like France, Germany, Finland, Portugal, Switzerland, and Belgium, the healthcare system has strongly improved while in the UK, Italy, Spain, Greece, Sweden, Netherlands, and Norway, the system has been constant, focusing on providing better services for chronic conditions such as cancer. 


The European pharmaceutical industry is based on 4 major pillars, that entail legislative and legislative actions. 

  1. Ensure access to affordable medicines for patients and address unmet medical needs;
  2. Support competitiveness innovations and sustainability of the pharmaceutical industry and continue providing high quality, safe, and greener medicines;
  3. Enhance crisis preparedness and response mechanisms;
  4. Ensure a strong EU voice in the world, by promoting quality, efficacy, and safety standards. 
In light of the new regulations, manufacturers and players in the healthcare sector should also comply with all the new regulations to stay competitive in the market.

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