Technologies Influencing the European Pet Industry

Last updated: 19 December 2023


The emergency of technology has made caring for and interacting with pets easier and better. You can even say, you can directly speak to your pet and they will understand you.

There are new trends in the European market that are changing this multi-billion dollar industry. In this blog, we will list 5 major tech trends and innovations that have proved to change the European pet industry.


Healthcare and Telemedicine


The European Pet market is further being influenced by the pet insurance industry which has been growing fast as more Europeans become pet owners. The market has become competitive and growing across different countries within Europe. Countries like Italy, Sweden, France, Germany, Russia, and Poland have seen more adoption of telemedicine and healthcare innovations in the pet industry.

While in the past telemedicine has been continuously popularised with humans, this technology has found its way into the European pet industry. It has been used to improve the situation by offering easy access to animal nutritionists and veterinarians. Through these apps, video chats, and others, it has been easy for pet owners within the European market to groom and take care of their pets based on the type of pet and breed.


Wearable Monitors in the Pet Industry


It used to be technology for fitness people, but in 2023, pet owners are adopting this specific technology to closely monitor their pet's health. Wearable technologies in the European market can monitor body temperature, heart rates, pH levels, and respiration rates and all these are sent to pet owners and veterinarians.

Some of the products monitor the dog's movement ensuring the owner can easily track their GPS location in case they are missing. Also, the app ensures that the pets get enough exercise based on breed, gender, size, and age of the pet.


Live Webcams and Videos


One innovation in the European pet industry is the continuous obsession with watching over pets. Owners have demanded web cameras where they can watch and communicate with their pets from anywhere and anytime. Some products have also implemented treat dispensers that allow pet owners to use their smartphones to release treats to their pets remotely.


3D Printing in the Pet Industry


In the pet industry, researchers have started incorporating this cutting-edge technology to help the recovery process of pets after surgery. It is one of the technologies that veterinarians and pet owners are anticipating will change the European pet industry.


Social Media Accounts for Pet Owners


One of the most common global trends is the creation of social media accounts for pets. Instagram and TikTok have offered content creators in any form to use pets as social influencers as they have proven to show more viral success than most content. Some pet owners have proven to repeat the rewards of their animal's online fame through partnerships and sponsorships.




The European Pet industry has seen different innovations that are expected to change healthcare and pet care in the coming years. With the adoption of wearable technologies and healthcare apps, pets are believed to have a long life span. One trend that has also socially benefited pet owners is social media accounts.

With all these innovations in the pet industry, manufacturers and solution providers are advised and encouraged to adopt and revise products to suit European consumers.

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